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The Twitter hyperlinked hashtag may be seen as transforming a political comment into a political pamphlet. Simply put, it makes the political expression receivable by readers by linking it to conversations happening globally. The hyperlinked hashtag…
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The International Organization for Standardization published the technical specifications for the Portable Document Format, essentially making the PDF filetype open source. The PDF remains a common format for the political pamphlet, and there is…
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Neighborhoods have long had wealthy area and poor areas. The zip code gave these different areas explicit labels, and effectively introduced new communities based on location. The political pamphleteer had a whole new level of “local” to interact…
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“To Fulfill their Rights” published by the White House. This pamphlet, which plays on an earlier conference called “To Ensure Their Rights” documents the speeches that occurred at the white house in June of 1966, when groups from around the U.S. came…
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Mail is reduced to once-a-day delivery in the U.S. While this seems at first to be adverse to timeliness, the introduction of this policy organizes sender and receiver expectations and makes time management easier for everyone.
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These popular models are called “automatic” because the sheet feeder is automatic, which both reduces the amount of work the printer (human) has to do and increases the number of impressions to 2 to 3 times the amount the Gordon Jobber could produce.
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airmail has the obvious effect of making mail more timely, and timeliness is an important part of the relevance of the political pamphlet.
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The new style Gordon Jobber, also referred to as the Franklin jobber, was a letter press, or a “platen” press. The basis for the design of most jobbers afterward, this was the primary press for hobbyists, because it emphasized small-run,…
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Rotary press for commercial mass production invented by Richard M. Hoe. Powered by steam, this produces millions of copies per day, but is not used for pamphlets or small runs, for which handpress is mainly used and then letterpress.
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