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Swedish company Spotify launches, offering a streaming alternative to Apple’s iTunes store. Initially sample rates at Spotify were limited to 128kbps, but with increasing bandwidth capabilities, Spotify pro users were able to stream music at up to…
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Apple capitalizes on the increasing trend for digital music distribution by premiering its own MP3 player. While not the first MP3 player to hit the market, it was the first time a company had rolled-out a comprehensive digital music ‘solution’…
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The Napster GUI and various imitation clients make Peer 2 Peer (P2P) sharing of MP3 files across the internet increasingly popular. Napster marks the first of many destabilizing moments for the music industry. First by the various distribution…
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Compact Disc
Sony and Phillips premier the first compact laser disc in conjunction with a set of encoding parameters. Unlike the audio cassette, which relied on magnetic tape, or the laser disc which was an analog technology, CD’s were the first time a disc had…
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Clockwork Orange.jpg
First synthesized score for film utilizing the recently debuted Moog and skills of musician/sound engineer Wendy Carlos. While not the first example of synthesized music, (Switched-on Bach sold over half a million copies in 1968-69) the score was…
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Bing Crosby is approached by engineers from AMPEX who successfully market magnetic tape as a way to record, and splice segments of radio performance to create pre-recorded versions of what had typically been broadcast live.
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Alan Blumein experimented and succeeded in recording two-tracks of sound to create a sound-scape, or stereo sound by utilizing both a single groove’s alternate walls to record both signals. Stereo-sound is far more accurate in rendering a recording…
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Marconi’s first transmission relied on amplitude modulation to send a ‘wireless telegraph’ from England to Newfoundland. The transmission ‘bounced’ off the ionosphere and was received in Canada. Marked the first time in history that information…
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The recording at Westminster Abbey of the hymns sung at the funeral for the unknown warrior mark the first time that electrical recording using microphones and plastic discs, which were stored in an offsite location were made. However because of poor…
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Thomas Edison’s recording of Mary Had a Little Lamb in upstate New York marks the first time in history that sound was recorded and played back. The recording itself is remarkable in that it survives to this day, and the excitement and surprise in…
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