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Embroiled in a copyright battle with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for almost four years, Limewire finally lost, and subsequently shut down. The last popular file sharing site to be ousted, Limewire gave way to the current era…
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Total Request Live (TRL) accepts viewers' votes, at first through phone calls and by 2001 online, to determine the top 10 music videos of the day. Young people were very much in charge of the kind of music they wanted to hear--as long as those…
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CBGB, heralded (by many, contested by just as many) as the birthplace of punk, only accidentally became one of the most visible breeding grounds for the burgeoning genre. Originally intended to be a "Country, Blue Grass, Blues" venue, the club…
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protest the beatles.jpg
No history of musical influence, cliche be damned, would be complete without the Beatles. Their influence on youth culture in Britain and in America, politicized rock music, and (somehow) seemingly universal appeal revealed a shift in the way young…
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Chuck Berry.jpg
In 1955, Chuck Berry was signed to major label Chess Records. He recorded a version of "Ida Red" that would then become "Maybellene," which reached #5 on Billboard's overall chart and #1 for R&B. But R&B would prove retrospectively to be a misnomer:…
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Employment Lines 1933.jpeg
With the end of WWII came a new class of consumers. Young people began to benefit from a time of great economic prosperity, particulalry as a result of the Employment Act of 1946. The act provided the opportunity for employment to anyone "able,…
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Under Mayor Jimmy Walker, the New York City legislature passed the Cabaret Law, preventing three or more persons from dancing in any given club or bar at one time. Establishments could apply for a license, but these were hard to come by. Purported to…
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In January 1920, the 18th Amendment, prohibiting the sale and distribution of alcohol, went into effect. During this period of Prohibition, businessmen, mobsters and opportunists alike established speakeasies so that any savvy American might find a…
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Because of the economic boom caused by America's entrance into World War I, many black Americans moved from the South to northern cities, looking for employment and better quality of life. This period, from 1914 to 1970, respectively, is referred to…
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One of the first black men to open his own establishment in antebellum New York City, Pete Williams' dance hall is said to have birthed what we know to be modern tap dancing. At Almack's Dance Hall, located in the Five Points district of Lower…
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Originally located on 39th and Broadway in New York CIty, the Met was founded by wealthy businessmen who wanted their own theater. As opposed to musical theaters, the Met remained an institution for the upper class, performing operas in only Italian…
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