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Online streaming giant YouTube launched a channel specifically aimed at the broad category of education in 2009, with subcategories dedicated to primary and secondary education. The popularity of this channel—over ten million subscribers—is…
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Thomas Edison’s incandescent was not the first light bulb, but rather the first that would be practical on a wide scale due to its carbon filament and the use of a vacuum pump that removed air from inside the bulb. The introduction of this…
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Oregon Trail played a monumental role in the development of the educational software market. Originally developed by a group of Minnesota public school teachers as a teletype game, the 1985 version with added graphics—rudimentary by 21st-century…
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Originally conceived as a New Deal WPA program, this publication represented the first government-sponsored analysis of the role of moving images in the classroom. The text includes resource guides for teachers, suggesting how to incorporate films…
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Perhaps the most famous educational film of all time, the Cold War civil defense film Duck and Cover leans into the most pressing fears within 1950s American society. Specifically engineered for use in elementary schools, the wide reach of this…
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This collaboration between Stanford and IBM produced a computer-based program aimed at sixth grade students, and was the first significant effort in the United States to fuse computers and primary education. This particular machine and program, the…
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By the 1980s, moving image film use in schools displayed a significant decline in favor of videotape resources. Tape players require less active operation than a film projector and hard-shell plastic cassettes themselves were much more durable than…
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Mail-order catalogs containing magic lanterns, stereograph sets, and stereopticons such as the above increased in number and popularity shortly before the turn of the 20th century. Organizing content according to subject matter—with main audiences…
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While this particular fire was not a national news story nor particularly destructive—no one was hurt and the property suffered no significant damages—it anticipates the invention of safety film, which would infiltrate the market just a few years…
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Thomas Edison’s proclamation that films would soon overtake books in the educational sphere can be partially ascribed to the significant financial stake he held in these early years of motion pictures. However, the sheer existence of this New York…
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