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baseball bat.jpeg
For several years, notorious motion photographer Eadweard Muybridge extensively photographed University of Pennsylvania varsity baseball players while nude in order to both study the body in motion as well as the sport itself. Seen here is plate 275,…
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Hand of God Goal.jpg
In the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals, Argentinian national football player Diego Maradona made contact with the soccer ball with his hand and as a result, the ball was knocked past the goalkeeper (seen right) and into the goal. The controversial goal…
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Olmypics Black Power Salute.jpeg
In 1968, American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos, seen here with Australian runner Peter Norman, raised black-gloved fists on the award podium at the summer Olympics as a gesture of protest for human rights (and in particular for Black…
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Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston.jpeg
This image of famed boxer Muhammad Ali’s rematch with Sonny Liston demonstrates not only the artistry of sports photography, but the stylistic significance of candid moments and sincere emotionality. According to reports from attendees of the match,…
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Le Grand Prix de l'ACF.jpg
"[Jacques-Henri] Lartigue loved everything about cars— their intriguing look, the accoutrements of the driver, the eventual flat tire... Swinging his camera parallel to the road in a movement that followed the car, Lartigue barely managed to catch…
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Victor Trumper.jpg
Both an amateur cricket player and an amateur photographer, George Beldam, a "man of leisure," extensively photographed athletes in the early 20th century. The above photograph of celebrated cricket player Victor Trumper was featured in CB Fry's 1905…
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The Horse in Motion.jpeg
In 1878, renowned motion photographer Eadweard Muybridge was commissioned by Leland Stanford, a racehorse owner, to help solve a popular question of the era: whether a racehorse in motion was at any point entirely clear of the ground. Using 12…
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Harvard vs McGill.jpg
This image features the first rugby-style football game to be played in North America. The match featured the college teams from Harvard University and McGill University. It is a composite image created by Scottish photographer William Notman,…
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