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China prepared several years and went through many negotiations to be admitted by WTO (World Trade Organization). In the early 1980s, China opened its economy to the international market and signed a number of regional trade agreements. From 1986,…
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The invention of World Wide Web has changed human life in every aspect and been central to the development of the Information Age. "Web pages are primarily text documents formatted and annotated with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)" (Adamski,…
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After the downturn of advertising in the Cultural Revolution, China’s first TV commercial appeared on January 28, 1979. This first commercial was aired on Shanghai Television and lasted for 90 seconds. The promotion was for a product called Shengui…
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The first TV station was 北京电视台, which was known as CCTV now, started airing programs on September 2, 1958. The content of the program was national policies and big news. Commercial advertising had not appeared on the program by then, but the launch…
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From the 1920s, private radio stations began to appear in China. By the mid-1930s, there were about 40 radio stations around different cities. China's first national radio station, however, did not appear until 1940. During the World War II, the…
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In 1928, neon-light advertising appeared in Shanghai Big World Playground. Encouraged by the significant effect of neon-light advertising, business owners in Shanghai followed the lead and created various neon-light advertising. Till the…
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Started with the New Culture Movement, which initiated by the editors of the magazine New Youth, the May Fourth Movement started in 1917, after Chinese government's failure of diplomacy at the Paris Peace Conference. During this period, there was a…
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China's first tram line was operated by Shanghai electric construction corporation in 1908. Until the 1930s, trams and trolleybuses had already been common things on the streets. Business owners put their commercials on the car bodies in order to…
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China’s first modern print advertising was published in a foreign-owned paper named Shen Post in 1872. Shen Post occurred in the late Qing Dynasty when Chinese territory was divided by western capitalist countries. As one of the foreign trade ports,…
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Back to the Song Dynasty in ancient China, the earliest printed advertising had appeared on a blaze plate. This pre-modern advertising was composed of the introduction of the product, the insignia of the shop, and the written slogan for the shop. The…
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