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As digital recording and sampling processes advanced and the personal computer began to gain prominence, the development of digital audio workstations (DAWs) for recording and performing music followed. But despite significant advancements in MIDI…
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Before releasing the SP-1200, E-Mu Systems, Inc. released their first mass-market music machine and the first programmable drum machine, the Drumulator. The machine was reasonably priced at $1,000, and the device came with several samples already…
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In 1972, Technics, a brand of the Panasonic Corporation, released the SL-1200 model of their classic turntable. Turntables work by spinning a record on a platform, while a metal stylus moves along the grooves in the record, picking up vibrations, and…
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In the 1920s, the guitar overtook the banjo as the “fretted instrument of choice” because its strings allowed for more jazzy chords, however, it was much quieter than the banjo. Banjo makers, aware of the changes in the market, hoped to tap into the…
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The early nineteenth century was the ‘golden age of the guitar’ due to its use in Viennese Classical music. The first book of guitar notation was published during this age in 1820, ensuring that its classical practice, technique, and melodies could…
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In the early nineteenth century, the banjo was considered to be the instrument of enslaved people and the acoustic guitar was the instrument of the rising middle class while the piano was the instrument of the social elites. In the 1870s, however,…
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When West Africans were enslaved and transported to the United States, they maintained, revised, and adapted many past cultural relics in response to their cultural surroundings in the U.S. One such relic is the banjo. Though often stereotyped as an…
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