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In July of 2010, Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the photo-sharing, social media platform that would become one of the leading social media apps to date. Used by 500 million people, it is a multi-billion dollar creation…
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photoshop logo.jpeg
Photoshop is a raster graphics-editing program that was created in 1988 by brothers Thomas and John Knoll. The word raster refers to the rectangle pattern of parallel scanning lines followed by the electron beam on a television screen or computer…
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When Eastman Kodak Co. introduced their coupler-incorporated chromogenic print process in 1942, it became nearly synonymous with the 20th century color snapshot (Chromogenic characterization). These prints are still manufactured today and were the…
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Leica I.jpg
The brainchild of Oskar Barnack, the Leica I was yet another pivotal moment for the evolution of photography. It was launched at the 1925 Leipzig Spring Fair in Germany and rocked the world with its innovation because “this was a time when it was…
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brownie kodak.jpeg
An object that helped “usher in the beginning of a previous century”, the Kodak Brownie camera made its debut in 1900 at the price of one dollar. In the first year, over 100,000 were sold and was the camera that put photography available to amateurs…
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