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Much like the Gordon Jobber became the grandfather of the letter press, so did the Fourdrinier machine become the grandfather of the paper making machines. Alternately called the “paper machine,” the Fourdrinier machine was invented and patented by…
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It is important to note that after the digital revolution occurred, the pamphlet did not die. Instead, it became an aesthetic choice. To represent that choice, I have included the Pantone Formula Guide as an object in this collection. The guide helps…
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The Portable Document Format, or PDF, is the first object presented that is not physical: it is a digital file format released for free by Adobe in 1993. While it was proprietary at the time, the fact that it did not cost money meant that it could be…
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Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. It is a social media platform where users publish – or tweet -- messages of 140 characters or less, and can include links and pictures, and follow each other to see…
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The Xerox or photocopying machine, frequently used to publish pamphlets and zines before the internet became a popular consumer product, uses xerography to copy images from one piece of paper to others. One of the great benefits of the process…
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The Kluge, invented by Kluge & Brandtjen in 1931, was an “automatoc platen press.” It built off previous automatic, internal parts Kluge & Brandtjen had built for other makes and models of presses.
The Kluge was a wartime success. Every U.S.…
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gordon jobber.jpg
George Phineas Gordon created the Franklin Press, also known as the Gordon Jobber, beginning in 1852, and releasing models all the way through the 1880’s. Gordon, who was a spiritualist, claimed that Benjamin Franklin had come to him with the design…
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