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MP3 is the name given to a way of processing an audio signal in post-production through compression. It was invented by the Motion Pictures Experts Group through various teams at University of Hannover, AT&T - Bell Labs, and others. MP3’s rely on…
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Signal converters have been around in analog form at least since the invention of the telegraph, and possibly as far back as the ottoman empire. However in their most familiar iterations, as digital converters, they have been around for roughly 70…
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The transistor was invented at Bell labs by Bardeen and Brattain in 1947. It improved upon earlier designs like Lilienfield’s solid-state amplifier, which due to the lack of semi-conductor materials int he 1920’s found no commercial application…
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Magnetic Tape was invented by Fritz Pfleumer in 1928, improving on earlier designs for magnetic wire by Oberlin Smith in 1882. Pfleumer’s innovation was to use a celluloid sheet coated in ferric oxide powder. By charging a magnetic coil or…
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The Triode amplifier was invented in 1906 by Lee de Forest. It improved on earlier designs like the Fleming valve by adding a grid with a charge in addition to the two diodes. By 1912 the amplifying properties of the triode had been fully fleshed out…
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The Ribbon mic was invented by Harry F Olsen for RCA in the 1930’s, building off of work conducted by Dr Shottky and Gerlach in the 1920’s. The microphone improved immensely on earlier and alternative methods of recording by using a small nickel…
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The Phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison in 1878, building off of several prototypes most notably the Phonautograph, which was a machine designed to ‘write’ audio rather than play it back (Rutgers: The Edison Papers), (UCSB: Cylinder Archive).…
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