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WiFi, or wireless fidelity, may be the most physically—yet virtually—ubiquitous technology we use to experience music. Today, with streaming services, one can listen to music without even downloading it to one’s phone, as long as one has a WiFi…
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Cassettes are constructed from two spools inside a plastic casing. Between the two spools is wound a flat plastic tape that is coated with ferric oxide. Once this tape is magnetized, it remains magnetized for as long as the cassette remains intact.…
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Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1887 by connecting a thin membrane to a needle, which touched a cylinder covered with tin foil, prompting sound waves connected to a diaphragm. This process would move the needle which would then carve…
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By the late 1920s, more than 60% of Americans owned radios. An instrument featured as prominently in the home as the square grand piano once was, the radio became the center of family life in living rooms around the country. By 1940, there were 765…
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The jukebox is much older than one might assume. In 1887, Louis Glass, who owned a gin joint in San Francisco, thought to combine Thomas Edison’s Class M electric phonograph with a showy oak cabinet, and the jukebox was born. This technology did not…
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Approximately 300 years ago, Bartolomeo Cristofori combined the hammered dulcimer with the harpsichord to create the pianoforte. In 1760, a piano was built were shaped like a rectangle, which would evolve in the 19th century into the square grand…
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In 1920, Jack Johnson, the world’s first African-American heavyweight boxing champion, opened a club on 125th Street in Harlem. This club (Club De Luxe) would become one of the most infamous speakeasies of the Prohibition era. In 1923, Owney Madden,…
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