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First released in 1991 and branded as “SMART Board” by husband and wife team David Martin and Nancy Knowlton, the interactive whiteboard fuses traditional blackboard-style teaching with contemporary technologies and specialized software.  Boards are…
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Filmstrip technology predates this particular DuKane projector, but this device and accompanying strips and soundtrack disc marked a significant step forward in advancing educational technology. This iteration of the filmstrip projector incorporated…
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Google’s introduction of a low-cost, easily-assembled handheld device through which to view images echoes Oliver Wendell Holmes’ invention of the handheld stereoscope over 150 years prior. Google’s device utilizes a contemporary smartphone (not…
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While LaserDiscs and their accompanying players never reached widespread commercial success in the home video market, the technology fared significantly better as an educational tool. An analog format rather than optical—such as a CD or DVD, where…
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After the invention of the incandescent light bulb, the use of projection devices began to shift away from oil and gas-powered contraptions such as the traditional magic lantern. The variant of this lantern device that used an incandescent bulb…
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Educational films would not have gained their place as a significant pedagogical tool in elementary and secondary schools without Kodak’s development of 16mm reversal film in 1923 (Pope, 2016, 58). Prior to the introduction of 16mm films, teachers…
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Methods of stereoscopic viewing had existed for years prior to 1859, but Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.’s handheld invention revolutionized the device for personal and classroom use. In this device, a divided cardstock image sits in a crevice opposite a…
Item Type: Technology
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