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AP Leafax 35.jpg
In the late 1980s, Leaf Systems Inc. introduced the Leafax, a compact portable photo scanner that was transportable in a case the size of a standard briefcase. It quickly became the proprietary technology of the Associated Press, as it could transmit…
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The Pocket Wizard, developed by American electronics company Lab Partners' Associates (LPA) Design, is a type of wireless triggering system for cameras to operate remotely. It functions by transmitting a wireless radio signal to a unit connected to…
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Ampex HS-100.jpg
In 1967, electronics company Ampex developed the HS-100 PAL 4 Channel 2 magnetic disc video recorder. Video was recorded on an analogue disc that weighed five pounds and made 60 rotations per second. It could record up to thirty seconds of video that…
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While optical viewfinders have long since been a crucial tool in photography regardless of the genre, one distinct improvement that made them more significant in capturing action photographs in particular was the their movement to an eye-level…
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strip photography.jpeg
The method of photography known as strip photography is a technique that effectively captures high-speed horizontal movement by focusing solely on that which is moving in front of the lens and "ignoring" stationary objects. Objects in motion over…
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Slow-motion technique has become a staple of sports broadcasting in the last eighty years. Among its uses include the ability to review a play or motion in a match to determine the legality of an action, which has become particularly controversial in…
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dry plate photograph.jpg
Dry plate photography, also known as gelatin process photography, was an improvement on existing methods of photography in which gelatin emulsions were used to develop photographs on thin glass plates. Prior to this date, the method of plate…
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Early sports photography relied heavily on techniques of composite photography and imagery. Prior to 1874, imagery related to sport was primarily artistic and highly aestheticized. Composite photography allowed photographers to combine images of…
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GoPro HERO Camera.jpg
The GoPro HERO "All-Season Sports Camera" was the first model released by the eponymous action camera company. It was a 35mm film camera, weighed less than half a pound, and could function underwater.Founder Nick Woodman was inspired to create this…
Item Type: Technology
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