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In January 2007, a Japanese web designer Nobuo Kawakami launched an innovative website Niconico, on this website, users can upload, view and share video clips. Unlike other video sharing sites, comments of its users can be plastered directly on top…
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Digital Television (DTV) is a significant broadcasting technology that has transformed the television format and television viewing experience. Unlike analog televisions, DTV transmit and receive digital signals and it could provide better picture…
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On the one hand, the development of the satellite industry and satellite television was made possible by a variety of factors, for example the advent of the space program, advances in digital technology, and the efforts of pioneering individuals like…
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Cable television is another important development in television industry. Generally speaking, any system that distributes television signals via radio frequency (RF) through coaxial or fiber-optic cables can be regarded as a cable system This…
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The advent of color television is another great leap in the development of television technology and industry. It not only has fundamentally improved the television technology but also has greatly changed people’s television watching experience. The…
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In 1897, German Physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun invented the earliest version of the cathode ray tube (CRT). Therefore, the CRT is also known as the Braun’s tube. Before digital and smart television become commonplace in modern society, most…
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A Nipkow disk is also known as a mechanical disk, which is one of the early image scanning device to dissect and transmit images sequentially. The Nipkow disk was first patented in 1884 by a German engineering student Paul Gottlieb Nipkow (Bellis…
Item Type: Technology
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