Pantone Formula Guide

It is important to note that after the digital revolution occurred, the pamphlet did not die. Instead, it became an aesthetic choice. To represent that choice, I have included the Pantone Formula Guide as an object in this collection. The guide helps printers working on letter presses – whose design are still largely descended from the Gordon Jobber – to know how the inks they choose will appear on the page. This is important because often the color of the ink in the bottle is substantially different from the color of the ink on the page. This is a practical process, however it is included here as an object because it is also obviously about aesthetic choice, as any physical political pamphlet today must be. The Pantone Formula Guide indicates a level of privilege the political pamphleteer had to do without in the 19th and even some of the 20th century – the ubiquity of technological access today provides a much wider population of people with the ability to express themselves without many of the old limits imposed by older technologies. There are, of course, new limits, but these limits are more subtle in their very design. Today’s technology is designed to make the user feel as though he is making the integral choices without having to do any of the work of making them, and that mentality is reflect is the pristine Pantone Formula Guide, which indicates nothing except infinite choice. In reality, the choice to create a physical pamphlet carries its advantages and disadvantages, and the limits of the medium apply to every color in the Pantone Formula Guide.
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