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The Influence of the Technologies that Make Political Pamphlets


The political pamphlet has been a force throughout history that has uniquely represented individual and minority voices – while political pamphlets…

Teleologies of the American Comic

810 - Book of Kells [Illuminated Manuscript]. <br />
Source Copy University of Chicago

"Teleologies of the American Comic" is a self-reflexive survey of American comics from the late nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. It…

Try Not to Smile and Say Cheese

The Myspace Selfie

Photography contributes to the marginalization, stigmatization, and depiction of marginalized communities, particularly racial, ethnic, gendered…

The Historical-Mechanical Origins of Audio Fidelity


Since the advent of recording technologies in the 19th century the question of fidelity has dogged artists and engineers alike. First, there is the…

Transparent Walls: The Technology of Dissemination in Art Museum Collections

Figure 1: Google Art Project view of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Petrie Court

The still image has been paramount to human documentation since our earliest history. We have always relied on captures of the present to preserve it…